builds bridge to education with fourteen collection pages

13 Oct 2021

At meemoo, we don’t only focus on the digitisation and preservation of Flemish archive content; we also bring this heritage to various target groups. Teachers, trainee teachers and secondary school students, for example, can all benefit from The Archive for Education. Art lovers, too, will feast their eyes on our image database, but we decided there’s even more to it than this, which is why we’re now also pointing teachers towards lesson materials on this image database.

Teachers looking for inspiration for their art lessons can now find it at This image database is launching fourteen collection pages which have been specially created for educational purposes. These bite-sized collections contain images from Flemish art and heritage collections, and are structured in different themes, ranging from artists to art movements and periods.

This enables teachers to enrich their lessons about the Eighty Years’ War with relevant image content, for example, or explore the Renaissance through artistic spectacles together with their students. Furthermore, they’re also just one click away from an extra page on The Archive for Education (link in Dutch) where they can find associated videos, audio clips and teaching materials on the subject – an exciting form of cross-pollination!

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