Building and sharing expertise

There’s always archive work to do, and even more so when it comes to digital archives. The rapid digitization of our society doesn’t mean that every sector or player involved has embraced digital processes to the same extent. Many are still wrestling with how they can use digital possibilities to improve, reinforce or innovate their operations.

That’s why we at meemoo keep our finger on the pulse together with our knowledge network. We’re actively building up our knowledge, expertise and experience via projects, advisory processes and our own initiatives. And we learn even more from answering the requests for information we receive. We can then share this expertise with organisations and other people working in cultural, media and government sectors.

Sharing knowledge with cultural, media and government organisations

Our knowledge platforms are our most important tools for sharing expertise.

At you can find:

  • standards and guidelines that explain which standards you can best use for creating, editing, describing, managing, storing and providing access to your digital heritage collections;

  • an overview of useful software packages and other tools;

  • publications to help you apply standards, guidelines and software in practice.

At you can find:

  • a description for basic archive care in the arts sector (a criterion of the Arts Act for allocating long-term working grants);

  • guidelines that explain how to take good care of your archive and collection(s) in the arts sector;

  • practical examples;

  • tools.

You can read reports, records, tender dossiers and tech blogs from our knowledge database on this website.

We also share lots of insights, specific tips and detailed articles on digital heritage processes from various publications and third-party websites. You can find all this information at or

We don’t just share our knowledge online, but also at study days and conferences. We also organise a series of training sessions for cultural, media and government organisations throughout the year. These sessions can be both theoretical and very practical and hands-on.

Did you know that we’ve already defined knowledge areas to focus on even more in our training sessions over the next few years? Discover how we selected these specialist areas here.

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