Networked and ready to go

As a service provider, meemoo supports cultural, media and government organisations, as well as other interested parties, with their digital archive operations. Together with our partner network, we’re working to provide sustainable solutions with a view to the future.

We collaborate in both project-based and long-term relationships to share knowledge and experiences and devise efficient and effective services.

Our network operates both at home and abroad, and we’re involved with various peer groups in our own country. We take a lead role in some of these groups, meeting with cultural sector organisations to share knowledge and discuss specific challenges.

Organisations we collaborate with:

Peer groups we participate in:

  • Users group Cultural Heritage and copyright (together with FARO and VKC)

  • Peer group Digital Participation (together with FARO, M HKA, Middelheimmuseum and M Leuven)

  • Peer group Digital registration of collections (together with Department CJM and FARO)

  • Peer group Digitisation of Periodicals (together with Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken))