How we collaborate

Meemoo’s services – whether it’s digitisation, sustainable preservation, making content accessible or sharing expertise – are all aimed at helping other organisations with their digital archive operations and providing access to the rich wealth of Flemish archive content. We enter into permanent partnerships with some organisations, and do more project-based work with others.

Structural partnerships

We enter into structural partnerships for services such as digitisation, archiving, digital management and providing sustainable access to content. We focus on a complementary service on scale. This means we take care of certain – often quite technical – tasks on behalf of our content partners. Non-commercial organisations that can’t or don’t want to become a content partner can also make use of our sustainable storage services for a fee. We call these organisations service buyers. Meise Botanic Garden, for example, has entrusted us with looking after its digital herbarium, which it digitised itself.

We also have structural collaborations with organisations that use the digitisation services provided by In addition to accredited museums – many of which are meemoo content partners – there are also organisations with Flemish masterpieces in their collection that can benefit from our free services.

Do you have any questions about a structural collaboration with meemoo as a content partner of service buyer?

Then please contact Debbie Esmans. She’ll be happy to help you further or refer you to a colleague.

Education partners such as educational publishers, Mediawijs and KlasCement can work with us in structural or project-based collaborations to enrich their educational offering. With The Archive for Education and, we already have platforms in house that can play an important role in the classroom and elsewhere.

Want to know more about our educational collaborations?

Please contact Leen De Bruyn. She’ll be happy to help you further.

Project-based collaborations

In addition to our permanent partnerships, we’re also open to collaborating on projects. We do this mainly with non-commercial organisations, artists and other parties working in cultural, media and government sectors.

Getting advice from meemoo

Organisations, artists and other people working in cultural, media and government sectors can benefit from our advice on digital heritage processes. We help them mainly by responding to requests for information about various aspects of the digital heritage lifecycle, and are happy to support cultural heritage organisations, arts organisations and artists in their quest for useful answers.

Do you have a question?
Contact Debbie Esmans
Manager Policy, Partnership and Service Offer