Tools & knowledge platforms

Meemoo wants to help you with your digital archiving practice. Discover tools and knowledge platforms below.

Public Domain Tool

The Publicdomaintool helps you determine the intellectual ownership rights of the objects in your collection.


At you can find standards for the creation, management and making accessible of your digital cultural heritage collections.


At you can learn how you as an artist or arts organisation can use tools and guidelines to take care of your archive and collections.

Digital Sustainability Scoring Model

Collection managers can assess their storage infrastructure against Trusted Digital Repository requirements at

Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool

Organisations can use statements to assess their digital maturity – and gain tips and inspiration to make improvements – at

At, we use a few specific questions and images to help you identify your audiovisual and photographic media. Want to find out what images or audio you’ve got?


CultURIze makes it easy to create persistent URIs to permanently identify objects on the internet.