What does meemoo do?

Meemoo supports and promotes the use of digital archives. But what does this entail, exactly? The answer is: quite a lot! And we’re happy to explain our core tasks here – they include services that we provide for our content partners, and services to help other people and organisations in cultural, media and heritage sectors, and the wider public in general.

Digitisation, digital preservation and management

Meemoo digitises images and audio for its content partners in cultural, media and government sectors. We also organise the influx of their existing digital collections into our archive system where the content is sustainably preserved – so they can manage it and ensure it’s available to be used again.

Making content accessible

We want to provide access to the content that we and other organisations in Flanders store in our archives. That’s why we help our content partners and the broader culture sector unlock selected content and make it available through our channels – by sharing the knowledge and expertise needed to get started.

Gathering and sharing knowledge

Alongside our support for digitisation, digital management and sustainable preservation, we also gather and actively share knowledge about the various aspects involved – for example through our projects, training and advisory reports.

Masterclass Publiek Domein 2019, Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY 2.0

Advice about digital cultural heritage processes

Anyone who can’t find an answer to their question on our website or knowledge platforms, or from our training, can contact us directly. We also provide advice about digital cultural heritage processes through our focus groups, working groups and steering committees and through various tools we’ve developed.

Setting up collaborative projects

By working together you can achieve more, but how can you collaborate with meemoo? Discover what kind of projects we set up, and with whom. We also refer you to more information on how to become a content partner and on our tailored services.