Digitisation and digital storage and management

Flanders has a wealth of cultural heritage and archive content. This includes everything from audiovisual content that’s been produced at an ever-increasing rate over the past century to newspapers, photos, documents, works of art and even digital data. And there’s more and more of it all every day.

This collection of content tells us things about the times in which it was created. So if we want to have a picture in the future of what’s happened in the past, we need to sustainably preserve the creations of today and yesterday.

That’s why we help cultural, media and government organisations to digitise and digitally archive their collections. We focus on audiovisual content, photographic reproductions of works of art and cultural heritage, and digital collections. The way in which you sustainably preserve or archive your content varies according to the media you use, and requires more than simply digitising the content and storing it in a cupboard or saving it on a secure server.

What do we do exactly?

Digitisation and digital reproduction and transfer

Helping organisations with the digitisation of their image and audio carriers, and art and cultural heritage collections.

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Influx of digital collections

Feeding our content partners’ digital collections into our digital archive.

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Digital archiving

Carefully archiving content and metadata so it remains readable and findable.

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Organising metadata

From enrichment to management: we adopt a comprehensive approach to metadata. We focus in particular on the influx and creation of metadata, which are crucial for making archived content searchable, (re)usable and accessible.

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Managing digital content

Giving partners the tools to manage their own content, to use them, and to decide the best meemoo channels to make them accessible within our general agreements framework.

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We digitise and preserve content together with over 170 content partners in cultural, media and government sectors. Once their images, audio and scans have been registered in our meemoo archive system, they can provide access via their own platforms and together we can look at meemoo channels where it can also be made available.

Over the years, we have built up a lot of expertise that we want to share. We have conducted research on various topics in recent years, including photographic digitisation, documenting rights and usage restrictions, 3D digitisation, optimising OCR text (Optical Character Recognition), and archiving certain complex digital files, such as 3D scans


We only perform digitisation for our content partners, but we’re happy to share our knowledge with everyone. Are you an individual with old audiovisual carriers you don’t know what do with? Go to knowyourcarrier.com to find out exactly what you’ve got, how you can preserve it safely, and who can digitise it for you.

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