Advising on digital heritage processes

Digital heritage processes consist of various stages and aspects, and are constantly evolving. Advising our partners and cultural, media and heritage organisations on these processes is one of our core tasks. We look at finding feasible solutions for your challenges, for example by tackling them in phases.

We mainly provide advice by responding to requests for information. These are questions that we’re asked about various aspects of the digital heritage lifecycle. We’re happy to help cultural heritage organisations, arts organisations and artists in their search for the right answers.

We also belong to various partner organisation peer groups and focus groups, and have developed several tools to help you on your way.

Aspects of digital heritage processes that we can advise on

  1. Before setting the process in motion, the first step we’re happy to support, is to formulate a vision and develop a digital strategy. As such, we’re taking part in the Digital Leadership in the Cultural Sector programme.

  2. We’ve built up exceptional expertise of digitised and born-digital content as a result of our work. You can therefore come to us with all your questions about the creation of, and digitisation guidelines for this content.

  3. We provide advice on how to record and describe cultural heritage. We do this in various ways, including with two guides: the Objects Entry Handbook and the Publications Entry Handbook.

  4. We advise all kinds of organisations – large and small – on digital file storage and sustainable preservation. Are you an individual artist, or an arts or cultural heritage organisation? We’ll be happy to answer your questions about archiving formats and back-up strategies, among other things.

  5. Providing access to cultural heritage is one of our main areas of work. We share information and advice on linked (open) data, for example, and how to handle restrictions imposed by copyright and privacy laws.

  6. Do you have any questions about re-using digital heritage? Finding out what conditions apply for using your digital heritage and distributing derived works can be quite a complex task. So please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Tools for advice

We can offer some useful tools to help you:

Our basic advice is always free of charge. And if your request goes beyond this basic service, we can look at setting up a project together or providing a comprehensive customised service for a fee.

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