Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool

Organisations in the broad cultural field can assess their digital maturity online at in Dutch. Your responses to various statements result in a score, tips and inspiration for improving your digital maturity. Use the tool every year to see how your score – and your organisation’s digital maturity – is evolving.

How does the Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool work?

You assess your organisation on the basis of 47 statements, divided into five categories:

  1. How do you deal with digital evolutions in terms of policy? Do you think strategically about digital aspects within your organisation?

  2. How do you use digital applications to improve interaction with your target groups?

  3. Can a digital offering or service add value within your organisation? How are you currently handling this?

  4. Digital maturity isn’t just a question of tools, but also of people. Are you successful in getting the right skills in house to achieve your objectives?

  5. How do you organise the digital processes within your organisation?

At the end of the survey, your organisation is given a total score and subscores for each of the five categories, which you can then compare with other organisations working in the same field.

Getting started with your score

Your total score indicates how you have assessed your organisation’s digital maturity. You also receive subscores per category, which help to highlight your strengths and reveal your weaknesses, so the tool can help you set priorities in a useful way. The category where your organisation scores the lowest is put forward as the first priority to make progress in. That’s where your needs are the greatest and your efforts will make the biggest difference. You’ll also be referred to information and organisations that can help you further.


In September 2017, it was announced that a self-assessment tool was being made available to help organisations in the broad cultural sector monitor their digital maturity. The Minister and Department for Culture, Youth and Media tasked us with developing a concept model and supervising its development. We completed development in the autumn of 2018, and launched the tool on the Culture Forum together with the Department for Culture, Youth and Media on 15 January 2019.

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