Audiovisual content in the classroom with The Archive for Education

Target group:
Teachers, teacher trainees and pupils in secondary education.

Young people live in a world full of visual culture, and teachers can benefit from this by using audiovisual content in the classroom. Enter The Archive for Education: an image database with high-quality Flemish archive content that meemoo has set up together with teachers. The content it contains is always selected for and by teachers on the basis of teaching objectives and learning outcomes.

Students in secondary education can access it too, so teachers can arrange interactive study to help develop their search skills and improve their media knowledge and literacy.

Every day, in every classroom

That’s our aim. Together with teachers, content partners and other people and organisations working in education, we’re committed to ensuring The Archive for Education is a useful educational tool. We’re therefore working closely with teachers to help set up and improve the platform, and sticking to the ‘teach the teacher’ principle – organising regional training and training on demand.

We also work closely with other key stakeholders, such as the Department of Education, educational umbrella organisations, learning platforms and educational publishers, to satisfy educational needs and demands.

And it’s paying off. The platform content and technical quality – fully tailored to meet educational requirements – and the close involvement of teachers and other partners in education has led to a rapid growth in the number of users. We’ve been providing a user-friendly web platform with audiovisual archive content from our partners – public, national and regional broadcasters, cultural heritage institutions, (performing) arts organisations and government departments – since 2016.

In September 2020, we fully updated the platform. During the following school year, the platform had over 168,000 user accounts. Today they have access to about 25,000 image and audio files from 58 partners.

Meet The Archive for Education

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