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The meemoo archive is home to a wealth of image, audio and newspaper content, which meemoo and its partners want people to see. That’s why, as well as helping and encouraging our content partners and organisations in the cultural sector to make this happen, we also work hard to provide access through our own various channels and platforms.

We do this by making the content available to various target groups – from culture lovers, teachers and scientific researchers to the wider public and our partners themselves. Always with our users’ wishes in mind and with respect for copyrights, privacy laws and our content partners’ work.

For education, research, culture lovers and professional use

Meemoo has some specific target groups in mind that we want to be of service to, and who are defined in our funding agreement with the Flemish Government.

On, you can search the descriptions from our archive system and contact content partners with questions about re-use.

Target group: the general public, scientific researchers, education and professional users.
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Digital images from Flanders’ rich heritage history can be viewed, shared, downloaded and re-used on

Target group: the general public, art and heritage lovers, people in education, researchers, professional users, publishers of art publications and the press.
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The Archive for Education

The Archive for Education is an image database with qualitative Flemish archive material, set up together with teachers.

Target group: Teachers, teacher trainees and pupils in secondary education.
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News from the Great War

In this newspaper database, you will find newspapers and magazines that were published during the First World War.

Target group: the general public and scientific researchers
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Catalogus Pro

Our content partners can search through the wealth of their collective content in the meemoo archive system via Catalogus Pro. They can also contact each to help manage their collections and organise how they’re used.

Target group: meemoo’s content partners
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We’re constantly working towards more integrated platforms to improve access for our various target groups.

Accessible via social media and Wikimedia platforms

Alongside user-friendly platforms for specific target groups, we also use existing tools such as social media and Wikimedia platforms. These channels already reach large groups of users, and we want to take advantage of this by treating them to meemoo’s wealth of archived image, audio and newspaper content.

Findable via linked data and IIIF

In addition to content being available through own platforms and third-party websites, we also want to make sure it can be found online, which is why we use IIIF and linked (open) data. We’ve already made the metadata from the News from the Great War collection available via linked data, for example. These techniques are also very interesting for scientific researchers. That is why, in the coming years, we will focus on research into their needs, formulate an action plan, develop a basic version for access via IIIF components and make linked datasets available.

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The challenge

One challenge that we face when making our archived content accessible is the restrictions imposed by copyrights, data protection laws and contractual agreements. The content stored in our archives is rarely copyright free, and information about the copyright status can often be incomplete or non-existent.

If this status does provide sufficient clarity, however, then we need to make good agreements with our content partners and any other relevant rights holders. Copyright law allows exceptions to be made for certain types of use, such as teaching and research.

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