Updated Archive for Education welcomes 93,000 students in 2020-2021

17 Jun 2021

The holiday season is almost upon us, drawing a highly unusual school year to an end. Want to know how things are going with our educational platform, The Archive for Education? We launched an updated version in September after working hard on the service and introducing many new features. Secondary school students, for example, can now access and work with our educational image database. We summarise the figures for this eventful school year here.

The Archive for Education has a new identity

In addition to heralding the new school year, September also saw the launch of our updated Archive for Education. In close consultation with teachers and (educational) partners, we worked on an improved version of this platform that is even more closely aligned with the educational practice.

For example, we’re not just encouraging interactive ways of working, blended learning and differentiation, during the coronavirus pandemic; we’re also focusing on supporting remote learning and aiming to meet both short- and long-term educational needs.

Student access gets off to flying start

The most remarkable innovation has to be the new student area. Previously, only teachers had access to our platform, but now we have opened up our digital gates to secondary school students as well. And it’s been a great success! No fewer than 93,278 students have found their way to The Archive for Education – that’s one fifth of all students in secondary education in Flanders.

These students can now view and listen to individual clips themselves, whereas this was only possible in the classroom before. Lots of teachers were looking forward to this feature and started using it as soon as they could, creating over 11,400 viewing and listening assignments for their students.

93.278 students in secondary education

A good report all along the line

Our educational platform also scores highly in other areas. For example, the number of teachers with an account on our platform increased to 58,194 this school year. Trainee teachers were also very enthusiastic about our educational image database’s possibilities for their practical training and exercises – no fewer than 22,390 students on Flemish teacher training courses requested access to the platform.

Our offering is also continuing to grow in 2020-2021. We ended the year with over 22,000 audiovisual clips, originating from over 40 of our content partners’ archives.

What does the future hold?

Coronavirus restrictions and the increase in distance learning have undoubtedly played a big part in driving traffic to our educational platform, and the updated Archive for Education now seems to have become a permanent fixture for many teachers. The new features will continue to offer opportunities even when classroom teaching becomes the norm again.

But we’re not standing still in the meantime. Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to ensure our platform can continue to better meet the needs of teachers and students moving forwards. With support from the Flemish government, we’re working on new types of assignments for secondary education students and checking how we can further improve our service for teachers with the planned secondary education reform in mind.

The Archive for Education brings a selection of our partners’ audiovisual content into the classroom. To learn more about our educational platform, please click here.

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