From regional broadcast to teaching material

3 Mar 2021

What do you remember better: a lesson about rivers or a lesson about the river flowing through the town or city where you live? Audiovisual content with a local angle is invaluable in the classroom. Meemoo therefore joined forces with the ten regional broadcasters in Flanders and Artevelde University of Applied Sciences to ensure audiovisual content is used in a more targeted way in primary education.

In February 2019, we started a practical scientific research project to provide primary education with contextualised audiovisual content with a regional angle. This research showed that the language used in lessons and the pupils’ proximity to and familiarity with the subject of the content all improve educational value in the classroom.

Teachers from the primary school teacher training programme at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences – Sven De Maertelaere and Thibaut Cromphaut – took care of the educational aspect of this project. They started by analysing primary education teaching objectives and required learning outcomes before selecting appropriate audiovisual content to compile into collections for each lesson topic, and enriching this content with added context and teaching tips. From their expertise and knowledge of their own archived content, content partner regional broadcasters provided advice in the search for suitable video clips. You can read how they went about their work here.

Watch this video to see exactly what they did and how teachers can use the content in the classroom:

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The outcome

Primary school teachers can now find and use a selection of audiovisual content with a regional angle – some 500 videos – on our educational platform. They can also easily use videos from 30 ready-made collections that have been organised for each province in Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region. It has never been so easy to use relevant regional audiovisual content in the classroom.

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