Image and sound tailored to the needs of primary education

The Archive for Education wants to bring sound and image to every class. According to research with imec.livingslabs, our platform is used more often in secondary schools than in primary schools. Why is that?

We’ll figure this out the coming year, with help from teachers Sven De Maertelaere and Thibaut Cromphaut from Artevelde University College, with a Practice-based Scientific Research (PWO). During the academic year 2017-2018 we’re working on our offer for primary education in two ways.

Sven and Thibaut, who know primary schools inside and out as teachers, will identify the standardised learning outcomes and lesson plans for the courses Science & Technology and People & Society. With that scientific research in mind, they’re developing a qualitative offer that takes into account subject-specific didactics.

In addition, they’re developing teaching advice in order to get started with the platform in a qualitative and purposeful way. In what ways can a teacher apply The Archive for Education in primary education? How can image and sound take a class to the next level and what are the potential challenges? By providing answers to these questions, we want to contribute fundamentally to the digital literacy of teacher and students.

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