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25 May 2020

Making art and heritage in Flemish collections accessible and usable: that what we’re collaborating for, with sixty museums, cultural institutions and managers of the Flemish government’s List of Masterpieces. It is is what the new name of represents:

High-quality images can be downloaded free of charge for educational and non-commercial use, or ordered for professional and commercial applications.

From to

Lukas integrated its operations with VIAA in 2019, and now the merged organisation has a new name: meemoo, Flemish Institute for Archives. In that context, we’ve now renamed the website as Because that’s what the platform does: it makes art and cultural heritage in Flanders accessible in digital form.

For commercial and non-commercial use

It’s not just lovers of Flemish paintings who will appreciate this. At, you’ll also find images of designs, sculptures, cultural heritage collections and archaeological objects. Each image is approved by the partner responsible for managing it. Images of works that are no longer subject to copyright free of charge, can be downloaded free of charge. You can use them in good conscience for non-commercial purposes. You’ll find our guidelines for crediting the source, among other things, on the website. Do you want to use images for commercial purposes, for example as a publisher or designer? Then please email and we’ll be happy to help you further. This is part of our paid service.

High-quality digital images, sustainably preserved

We work with professional photographers who create high-resolution images of selected collection pieces. This ensures the works of art really come into their own, with every detail captured in digital form. These images are permanently preserved in meemoo’s archive infrastructure, so that we and future generations can continue to view them. And we’re keeping a close eye on developments in digital photography and sustainable storage, to make sure we always meet strict quality standards.­­­­­

We meet with art, and you?

Now gathering in person is no longer an option, we all meet through video calls. Fancy to brighten up those calls?

Thanks to the artwork on, you can now meet in style. On, we offer a selection of works to use as the background of your virtual meeting room. You can get to work too, with the images on share fun screenshots of you and your colleagues on social media with the hashtag #vergadermetkunst. Can’t wait to see what you make of it!

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