31 candidate projects for dealing with the backlog of digital collection registrations

5 Oct 2021

On 1 October 2021, 31 candidates submitted their grant applications to the Flanders Department of Culture, Youth and Media as part of the extra call to deal with the backlog of digital collection data. The aim of this process is to eliminate backlogs in the field of digital collection registrations, and make the results publicly accessible and reusable. Our meemoo colleagues helped no fewer than 29 applicants with advice and practical assistance at well-attended pitching sessions (link in Dutch) in August and September. Find out which projects are competing below!

Of the original 35 potential projects, 31 candidates submitted their applications on 1 October. Following the pitching session, in which we listened to 29 proposals, we helped to revise 26 project dossiers.

From museums to heritage agencies

The various candidate projects all have the same primary objective in mind: to establish a process that deals with the backlog of digital collection data. Collection management institutions, and organisations that provide services in collaboration with collection management institutions, submitted dossiers. Specifically, of the twenty-six applications we reviewed, we counted fourteen from museums, four from archive institutions, two from heritage agencies, and six from national service institutions and centres of expertise.

The diverse nature of these collections means the content of the projects is also very varied, with topics ranging from 3D scans of objects and focus stacking to a blueprint for digitising specific objects and developing geodata. The importance of the projects is referenced within the broader (digital) vision of the organisation(s). Where possible, the various institutions are following the OSLO standard for cultural heritage (link in Dutch).

What lies ahead?

Now that the applications have been submitted, which was the first deadline in this particular round, a panel of judges will put their heads together to make a decision in December. The chosen projects will then start in January and end no later than 2023.

How many projects are starting in January? With a total budget of €1.5m available, the Flemish Government is aiming for ten two-year projects averaging €150k each.

Note: the deadline for repeat applications for the multi-year projects from 2020 falls on 15 October and is separate from this new series of project applications.

Extra call for dealing with the backlog of digital collection data

The Flemish Government commissioned meemoo to assist organisations with project guidance in this process for awarding grants to deal with the backlog of digital collection registrations. This means that we’re providing support from the application stage through to implementation, for example helping organisations to establish sustainable and high-quality projects – from start to finish. The most recent call in August 2021 was already the fourth in the process for awarding grants, and is part of the ‘Flemish Resilience Recovery Plan’.

Bijeenkomst collegagroep 2019, Beeld: meemoo CC BY-SA 3.0 NL

Bijeenkomst collegagroep 2019, Beeld: meemoo CC BY-SA 3.0 NL

In addition to this call, the funds from this recovery plan will also allow other projects to begin. The Flemish Heritage Databases project is being given a helping hand, we’re also coordinating four new digitisation projects under the umbrella name ‘GIVE’ and play a role in the digital leap in education.

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