Grants awarded for eleven digital collection registration projects

27 Jan 2021

Last autumn, twelve organisations pitched us their projects for dealing with the backlog of digital collection registrations. We provided them with suggestions and feedback to write up and further refine their grant applications, before 16 organisations submitted dossiers to the Department of Culture, Youth and Media on 15 October 2020. Fifteen of these applications were written with extensive support from meemoo.

The project call for dealing with the backlog of digital collection registrations focuses on three main objectives:

  • deal with the backlog of digital collection registrations in a targeted way;

  • use the collection data as open data and validate the collections / make them visible;

  • reflect on how the project fits within the organisations’ broader vision for using digital technologies to manage collections and their data, and provide visibility.

The Department of Culture, Youth and Media commissioned meemoo to supervise writing the project proposals and support the implementation of the projects.

Eleven of the 16 projects submitted were awarded grants by the Minister of Culture, based on advice from the Department and an independent jury. These projects are being run by Amsab (Institute for Social History), ADVN (Archive for National Movements), Design Museum, Museum Hof van Busleyden, Industriemuseum (Museum of Industry), KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp), M Leuven, MoMu (Fashion Museum of Antwerp), Musea Brugge, Samenwerkingsverband Kunstmusea Antwerpen (Cooperation between the Art Museums of Antwerp, led by Museum Mayer van den Bergh) and VAi (Flanders Architecture Institute).

They will work on registering, digitising, cleaning, enriching and unlocking a furniture collection, a collection of objects, building plans, photographic collections on various carriers, prints, a historical archive, graphics, iconographic descriptions and specialist thesauri (textiles and industrial heritage).

A total of €648,000 was awarded in grants. This allocation means that we can now start the second part of our collaboration with the Department of Culture, Youth and Media: supporting the implementation of these projects.

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