Extra call for project grants to deal with backlog of digital collection registration

21 May 2021

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Flemish Government wants to strengthen the resilience, prosperity and well-being of Flemish people. Enter: the ‘Flemish Resilience’ Recovery Plan. In this context, the Department of Culture, Youth and Media is therefore organising an extra round of applications with some new rules to deal with the backlog of digital collection registration. Accredited collection management and service organisations can now submit new projects, with meemoo providing support and guidance.

Does your collection management organisation want to take valuable steps in terms of digital registration, digitisation and valorisation? This fourth call for proposals allows you to submit a new project no later than 1 October to deal with the backlog of digital collection data. Do you want to be fully up to date with the new regulations and other essential information? Then read on!

Application round for new projects

This call is separate from the application round organised on 15 October, and aimed specifically at new projects that we are not yet aware of. The multi-year projects approved last year will be able to reapply for grants for a subsequent phase on 15 October.

Meemoo’s supervision

Meemoo has been given the task of supporting and supervising the grants process for all projects, from application to implementation, to deal with the backlog of digital collection registrations, also for this extra round of applications. This allows us to help organisations set up sustainable and high-quality projects.

>> Read more about our project supervision

New rules

The regulations have changed for this new round of applications. Efforts will be made to continue to deal with the backlog of digital collection registrations, however, and the new registrations must still be based on the organisation’s overall digital vision. The new and improved digital collection data will be used with an emphasis on improving societal values, with the long-term embedding of results as a central theme.

What’s new, exactly?

  1. The criteria for the candidate submissions are being expanded:

    • All organisations with an operating grant based on the Cultural Heritage Act can submit an application.

    • In addition to national collection management institutions, regional institutions can now also submit a project.

    • Furthermore, collection management and service provider organisations, which receive an operating grant based on the Cultural Heritage Act, can both now submit applications this year.

      • Collection management organisations can apply on their own or act as the coordinator in a partnership of multiple collection management organisations, of which at least one should be in receipt of an operating grant based on the Cultural Heritage Act.

      • Service organisations can act as the coordinator in a partnership between multiple collection management organisations. Note: at least one of these organisations must be in receipt of an operating grant based on the Cultural Heritage Act.

  2. The funds are made available in a one-off payment. Organisations do not have to provide an interim account for the projects, but a final account.

  3. The projects must be launched as soon as possible. It is not possible to submit a project that doesn’t start until 2023.

When can you apply for a grant and for what amount?

New projects can be submitted until 1 October. The recovery plan aims to offer organisations a short-term boost. Projects can therefore last for a maximum of two years and end no later than the end of December 2023.

Projects with a duration of two years will receive a reference amount of €150,000. For one- year projects, this reference amount is €75,000. Collaborations between multiple collection management organisations can receive an adjusted amount. A higher amount can be justified depending on the number of participants.

Online information session and pitch

Do you have any further questions about this call for proposals? The Department of Culture, Youth and Media is organising an online information session together with meemoo on Thursday 24 June 2021 at 10am. The regulations, conditions and criteria will be explained in this session. We will also explain our supervisory role, the pitching process and our expectations in more detail, and there will be some time for questions.

Are you interested, but don’t know where to start? On 25 and 26 August 2021, we’re organising an online pitching session for project applications in progress. During this pitch, you will have the opportunity to explain your project proposal and receive advice.

Any more questions?

For further questions about the pitching session and our guidance, please contact Astrid Vergauwe. For more information and questions about the regulations, please contact the Department of Culture, Youth and Media by sending an email to marc.bastijns@vlaanderen.be or cultureelerfgoed@vlaanderen.be.

Part of a broader recovery plan

The call described above is part of a broader recovery plan with a total budget of €5 million for collection digitisation. This includes a new digitisation project coordinated by meemoo. You can read more about this here. We also play a role in the projects surrounding the Flemish heritage databases and the digital leap in education.

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