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22 Nov 2021

The new school year is well underway and our educational platform is working at full speed. Want to find out what new developments we’re introducing this school year? We map everything out for you here.

Brand new inspiration pages

The educational reform is a reality: secondary school teachers will increasingly be working with new key competences this school year. To support them with this, our education editors have compiled inspiration pages full of tips and useful audiovisual teaching materials for each key competence.

A fresh look at waste

Has the story of waste become a negative narrative? As part of its ‘I see what you don’t’ campaign, Fost Plus is providing teaching materials and coaching to encourage teachers to raise awareness of waste issues among pupils in a positive and action-oriented way. They’ve also compiled videos of specific campaigns and initiatives into collections – suitable for pupils of all ages – on The Archive for Education. This way, images provided by our content partners can inspire teachers and pupils to write a new narrative around waste.

Inspiration pages about the key competences

'I see what you don't', Fost Plus

(c) Thomas More, author of 'Wijze Lessen' Tim Surma

Collection pages

‘Wijze Lessen’: nine building blocks

The teachers among us are sure to have heard of ‘Wijze Lessen’ (Wise Lessons) – a popular book that links recent scientific insights in education with what actually happens in reality. And of course this couldn’t be missing from The Archive for Education: our seconded teachers have therefore gathered together fascinating audiovisual teaching materials and useful tips to build their own ‘Wise Lessons’. Tim Surma, the book’s co-author, provided us with a few extra tips and insights. Read the report of our wonderful chat here (link in Dutch).

Art collections for classroom reflections

You can browse through lots of Flemish art and heritage collections at, and now we’re also helping to familiarise teachers with this wealth of images. We’ve built the bridge to education using no fewer than 14 themed collection pages. Find further details in this report.

The Archive for Education brings a selection of our content partners’ audiovisual content into the classroom. To learn more about our educational platform, please click here.

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