Gem in the spotlight: bathtub in the water

28 Jun 2022

Summer’s here, the temperature’s rising, and everyone’s looking for ways to cool down. A plunge in the pool, a refreshing cocktail, or seeking some shelter in the shade: each to their own. Forty years ago, 56 people enthusiastically went in search of an incredibly unique way to freshen up. Want to dive in?

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People flocked to the Watersportbaan in the summer of 1982 to enjoy themselves and escape the heat. And in addition to some classic water sports, the bathtub race also took place that year. But in contrast to what you might normally expect from a bathtub, 56 brave participants did their level best to keep the water out and their feet dry – trying to reach the finishing line any way they could in their homemade tubs.

Second event of the day: the bathtub slide. Sitting in their vessels like a bobsleigh, the participants push off down the slide and into the water. Not everyone manages to keep their heads – or bathtubs – above water, much to the spectators’ delight. Guaranteed fun!

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