The past school year in brief

28 Jun 2022

The end of the school year is in sight, with teachers and students alike gradually preparing for the summer holidays: the perfect time to look back. Dive into the figures with us, discover how The Archive for Education has grown over the past academic year, and get the scoop on our plans for the future.

We can see from the figures that our educational image database The Archive for Education (link in Dutch) is increasingly becoming a fixture in lessons. It’s the top tool for audiovisual content in Flemish classrooms. Our seconded teachers select materials from the rich archives of meemoo’s ever-increasing variety of content partners to constantly expand the offering available on the platform with good-quality content.

In order to better match changing teaching practices, last year we invested a lot in content and teaching inspiration to help teachers get started with educational audiovisual materials:

  • Our editorial staff of seconded teachers worked on new audiovisual collections for secondary schools, but also for music education in primary schools.

  • We introduced the inspiration page (link in Dutch) on The Archive for Education, which offers teachers even more ideas for using audiovisual content in the classroom.

The school year in figures

These efforts helped us achieve great results:

Upon request from teacher training courses and schools, we provided more than 100,000 students and secondary school pupils with access to The Archive for Education. Students can use these materials in their work placements and practical exercises. Secondary school pupils can get to work on watching and listening exercises created by their teachers.

There are now more than 64,000 teachers with accounts on The Archive for Education, which is a growth of 12% compared to the 2020-2021 academic year.

The offering of audiovisual content on the platform grew by 11%. There are currently more than 24,000 audio and video clips available at the educational image database.

Our offering is more diverse than ever! These 24,000 clips originate from 58 meemoo content partners – that’s 32% more than the previous school year.

Did you know?

The content on The Archive for Education is labelled so that teachers can search by subject, educational level or provider. And our seconded teachers create various audiovisual collections from this content, specially tailored to educational objectives and learning outcomes.

Glimpse of the future

We are already busy looking ahead to the next school year and how we can continue to develop The Archive for Education in 2022-2023.

The current student area is catching on, as proven by the almost 20,000 viewing and listening exercises that have already been created, which make the platform even more interactive and easy to use in lessons.

We want to expand the student area further in the new school year, and are doing this by enabling secondary school pupils to create their own search exercises and compile their own collections – helping them to improve their online searching skills and digital competences.

These positive figures and enthusiasm for the coming school year mean we are heading into the summer holidays feeling very satisfied.

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