Art in the classroom with Kunstig Kijken (‘Looking Artistic’)

26 Jan 2022

It’s not always easy for primary school teachers to find relevant audiovisual materials to enhance their music lessons. Fortunately, the Kunstig Kijken (‘Looking Artistic’) project is here to help. We’re showcasing a wealth of artistic content from our content partners at The Archive for Education – all ready-made for use in the classroom.

Together with VIVES University College’s Innovation in Education expertise centre, we’ve been working hard to promote artistic looking and listening since 2020. The aim of this project is to provide unique audiovisual content from our content partners to enrich music lessons for primary school children in years 4 to 6 and secondary school children in year 7.

Teachers can now use The Archive for Education as a resource for a wealth of lesson inspiration in artistic domains such as drama, dance, music and imagery. Lecturers from VIVES University College have specially created a total of 14 collections – all designed for primary education with materials from a wide range of content partners. This means teachers can now enrich their lessons with recordings of performing arts’ performances. They will also find brief explanations and descriptions of the performances and their makers in these specially created collections – and can even pick up useful teaching tips on experiencing art in the classroom, as a stepping stone towards experiencing live art away from the classroom.

Images and audio from content partners in the spotlight

We welcomed several new providers to The Archive for Education in this project. Alongside the materials already available on our educational platform, this project also highlights images and audio from content partners in the performing arts and museum sector, including: Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, hetpaleis, Muziektheater Transparant, Ultima Vez, Villanella, Antigone, Arsenaal, KOPERGIETERY, Theater Stap, Theater Zuidpool, Zomer van Antwerpen, Eastman, Ultima Vez, Rosas, fABULEUS, M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp), Letterenhuis and AMVB (Archives and Museum of Flemish Life in Brussels).

Image: Concert of a big band, galtieri, CC0

Extended due to success

This project initially ran from 2020 until 2021, but has since been extended and will now continue for the next two academic years as a practical scientific research project. The target audience is also being expanded – we’re now also working on collections for children in the final year of kindergarten and primary school children in years 1 to 3. To be continued!

If you’re a content partner who wants to find out how you can bring your offering to the classroom via The Archive for Education, please make an appointment by contacting our education helpdesk (link in Dutch).

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