First OSLO pilot projects completed

9 Mar 2023

If, when you hear the word ‘OSLO’, you automatically think of the capital of Norway rather than the Open Standard for Linked Organisations provided by the Flemish Government, then this update is for you. The implementation of this Flemish cross-domain exchange standard raises lots of questions for the heritage sector. Here, we look in detail at how the Collections of Ghent project – in which we are a partner – got to work with this standard, and share the expertise we gained.

You’ve already been able to read that we rallied behind the Cultural Data Lab and OSLO working group as part of the Collections of Ghent. Then, at the OSLO launch meeting, we went on to present an initial plan of action to supervise several institutions in implementing the standard. 

In 2022, we put theory into practice and supported the Centre for Agrarian History (CAG), the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917, and the House of Alijn in three OSLO implementation processes. We’re now sharing the knowledge we gained from these projects with the wider sector, including in this report. Because OSLO is all about collaboration! Want to find out what we did, and learn how to get started with OSLO yourself in five steps? 


On Friday 2 June 2023, we’re celebrating the conclusion of CoGhent. And OSLO is of course an essential part of this day! Will you be there too?

Collections of Ghent is funded by Urban Innovative Actions – an initiative by the European Commission for sustainable urban development.

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