Art and heritage now even bigger at

7 Mar 2023

At, we highlight collections from Flemish museums and heritage institutions. Members of the general public can visit this platform to view and download images – as long as they’re not subject to any rights – for free. And we’ve recently been encouraging users to see the bigger picture: thousands of rights-free images can now be directly downloaded in a larger format. 

We’ve been busy working on a huge upgrade for behind the scenes. The free downloadable images in our art and heritage image database used to comprise a maximum of 2000 pixels, but now the majority can be downloaded with twice as many. Not only does this ensure a better image quality with more detail and visible colours, but mainly: more possibilities for re-use

This allows art enthusiasts to be even more imaginative with art and heritage, while also giving museums and heritage institutions greater visibility – literally – for their heritage items. Win-win. 

The result of pixel expansion in picture: before and after. Skateboards with landscape and knights on horseback, by Frédéric Bourgeois de Mercey, Gaasbeek Castle Collection,, photo: Dominique Provost, public domain.

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