Getting started with the data cloud for the Collections of Ghent

26 Aug 2021

There’s something brewing in the Krook Library in Ghent! The Cultural Data Lab has been pitching its tents there since this spring, and is one of the main activities within the Collections of Ghent. It’s the place to be for experiments with digitised cultural heritage in Ghent.

The Collections of Ghent has gathered data from various museums and cultural organisations in Ghent, and linking all this data together enriches it and gives it more meaning. Next year, a mobile box filled to the brim with data, stories and experiences will also make its way through various places in the ‘Artevelde City’. And it doesn’t stop there – the Cultural Data Lab is encouraging members of the public, companies, knowledge institutions and governments to get creative with the data in this project.

Cultural Data what?

The Cultural Data Lab is a playground for experiments that focus on the (creative) re-use of data, with the principles of co-creation and participation very high on the agenda. Anyone who is involved in culture, data and technology is welcome to take part in the activities organised in the context of this lab.

There are lots of inspiring activities planned for this autumn. For example, participants can become acquainted with the benefits of the SPARQL language and experiment with it for themselves at the SPARQL party. The Co-creation Fund is also launching in October when it will be possible to apply for a project grant. Want to find out more? See the activities calendar here.

Meemoo's role?

Together with District09, we’re putting our weight behind the Cultural Data Lab’s work and activities in the strong belief that unlocking this digital heritage is only the first step. Data only really becomes valuable when it can be re-used.

Quadruple goal in mind

We’re aiming to use the lab to highlight digitised cultural heritage and its usefulness. Connecting participants from different backgrounds can lead to surprising collaborations and build bridges between research and practice on the one hand, and amateurs and professionals on the other.

The Cultural Data Lab also provides a platform to people and companies that want to experiment and innovate. In order to give interested parties an insight into how the lab works, the results and processes are being opened up and shared with the outside world.

Are you interested in setting up your own innovative project with the heritage data from the Collections of Ghent? The Co-creation Fund gives you the opportunity to obtain financial support. Find out whether you are eligible during the information session on 5 October, meet potential project partners during the networking event on 21 October and brainstorm with us on 11 November. You have until February 1 to submit your application.

>> Find out more about the Co-creation Fund

Afbeelding door Franki Chamaki via Unsplash

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