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Results FFv1 and MKV study

In 2013, meemoo chose MXF as a container and JPEG2000 as an encoding for our archive masters, together with content partners from the heritage sector. The technological development of audiovisual codecs does not stand still and the development and possible standardisation of FFv1 and MKV are interesting evolutions. In this blogpost we explain the results of an exploratory study about MKV and FFv1 which meemoo carried out in the margins of the Preforma project together with Packed vzw and Media Area.
Statistics and notes on the reformatting of jpeg2000/mxf files to other preservation and access formats in the meemoo archive.
Meemoo was a partner in this project, which is a follow-up to the feasibility study ‘Depositing digital publications from Flanders’ in 2014.
In this report, we look back on the project relating to a common thesaurus carried out by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision and meemoo. Between September 2015 and June 2016, this project was carried out with financing from the Dutch Language Union. This report is available in dutch only.
Over the course of 2013 and 2014, this study was carried out in collaboration with iMinds (now imec) and a number of players in the heritage and culture sector. This report is available in dutch only.
Meemoo was a partner during the exploratory study of 'Depositing digital publications from Flanders’ by the Flemish Heritage Library.

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