Meemoo archive system reaches 20 petabyte milestone

13 Mar 2022

The meemoo archive system is home to a huge number of files. Not only are we continuing to digitise and sustainably archive new content and new types of materials from our content partners all the time; we also receive a lot of content via digital intake. At the start of this year, we passed the 20 petabyte (PB) mark – a milestone that we want to commemorate.

When you realise that 1 PB is equal to 1,000 terabytes (TB), and 1 TB of storage is equivalent to 1430 CDs or 213 DVDs, you’ll soon understand that we store a truly vast amount in our meemoo archive system. A quick calculation tells us that 20 PB is equivalent to 4.26 million DVDs, or no less than 28.6 million CDs. Seriously impressive!

A closer look at the meemoo archive system

We’re currently storing 20,538 petabytes of content in the meemoo archive system, to be precise. Video files account for the vast majority – a staggering 19 PB – of this. The archive system is also home to one and half times more images, but they take up much less space. In addition to videos and images, we also archive audio files, newspapers, films and documents for our content partners. And we’ll be adding other file types in the future as well, such as the glass plates from the GIVE projects, for example.

See the distribution in terms of numbers and file sizes below.

And did you know that 20 PB is equal to 0.02 exabytes? So we’re already on our way to yet another milestone – although it will be quite some time before we reach this next legendary unit. To learn more about our digital archive operations, click here.

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