From stage to video to digital archive

23 Jun 2020

The recent lockdown period has given us all the opportunity to experience performing arts online for the first time. But the recordings of these performances that we’ve been able to enjoy at home also need to be preserved in the long term. We’ve been working on this together with Beeldstorm, CEMPER, Flanders Arts Institute and our content partners since 2017.

All performances are unique, but unfortunately also fleeting. Video is the best way to capture these live shows and rehearsals, but how you can you preserve these recordings sustainably so they’re available in the long term, too?

Performing arts organisations and the people who create the videos are facing this challenge head on. How should you archive this wealth of audiovisual content? Jan Bosteels and his company Beeldstorm have been capturing all sorts of performances by our content partners for many years, and in 2018 we started preparing to transfer his master files to the meemoo archive system in a pilot project.

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