Follow these tutorials to get started with linked data

5 Oct 2020

Looking for a new data source to let your linked data skills run wild? The newspapers in our News of the Great War collection have been available as linked data since 2019. And we’ll happily offer you a helping hand with a tutorial from Ghent University.

We digitised over 270,000 newspaper pages from the First World War in our News of the Great War project. These newspapers and their pages are available to the general public at This has given them a new, digital life. But it doesn’t stop there.

It’s not just people who read newspapers nowadays; software and applications can browse through them too, which is why we enriched our News of the Great War newspapers with linked data in 2019. So now you can use the website as a data source, too. Even more recently, we expanded this linked data with links to the List of Names from the In Flanders Fields Museum. Individual’s names that appear in this list of people who died during the First World War are visible to website users, but also to bots and applications, via linked data.

To get you started with this linked data and gain more insights into it, we’ve developed a tutorial in collaboration with Ghent University which explains how to use it. We’ve also added two very specific use cases to make everything a bit clearer:

  • How to use linked data to make a spreadsheet of all the metadata on the website.

  • How to use the website as a database by sending sparql queries to it.

No idea what we’re talking about? Read more at (in Dutch)

Want to get started straight away? Then hurry to the tutorial! (in Dutch)