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6 Jun 2023

On our art and heritage image database,, you can admire and download for free thousands of high-quality images of art and heritage objects from Flemish collections. Upon request, we also provide images in higher resolution, for example for publications such as the Canon of Flanders (link in Dutch) and exhibitions. This summer, you can also view the visual content created for in person. We are happy to show you where to go.

Reproductions in St. Bavo’s Cathedral (Ghent)

Meticulous restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece, the famous polyptych of St. Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent, began over 10 years ago. Last month, the final phase of the work started: the entire upper register of the opened altarpiece was moved to the restoration workshop at the MSK Ghent (Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent). If all goes well, you will be able to admire the retable in its original state again in 2026. Until then, you can follow the restoration behind glass at the MSK. 

The gaps in the altarpiece in St. Bavo’s Cathedral have been filled temporarily with high-quality reproductions of the original panels, made using visual content from Go see them in person, or take a look at the images on our online art and heritage image database.

Tip: in the crypt of the cathedral, you can walk through the history of the famous masterpiece using augmented reality – thanks to 3D images developed on the basis of gigapixel captures from Find more information here.

Banner in Belgian Beer World (Brussels Stock Exchange)

On 1 July, an interactive experience centre about Belgian beer culture will open at the Brussels Stock Exchange. The origin of our beer dates back to the Middle Ages and is accompanied by many special stories. Our country and the so-called ‘Belgitude’ are illustrated in the exhibition with art, culture and typical Belgian customs. The Ghent Altarpiece, as one of the highlights of our art history, could not be missing. Together with, we provided a detail of the retable to be viewed on a banner. 

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