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At meemoo, we’re extremely proud of the well-stocked toolbox we use to support you and your work. In order to give organisations a helping hand with specific expertise tools, we organised a first coaching day on 22 October 2020 – with DPF Manager, CultURIze and the Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool taking centre stage.

Participants were given the chance to say which tools they wanted extra help with and what issues they encountered, so our colleagues who manage the tools could provide tailor-made support.

DPF Manager

DPF Manager is a validation tool with a user-friendly graphical user interface which checks whether TIFF files satisfy the TIFF file format specifications and preservation standards. Most of the questions we received were about this tool, all coming from projects funded by the Cultural Heritage Act or regulated with regard to dealing with the backlog of digital collection data.

Seven participants from three organisations were given an explanation about file validation and were introduced to DPF Manager itself. We then went into more specific detail about how file validation could be implemented in their projects.

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CultURIze makes it easy to create persistent URIs for the permanent identification of objects and images on the internet, which institutions need to manage their collections. Participants from M Leuven attended the coaching for this tool and are currently working on a process to design their new digital infrastructure. They need persistent URIs so that their applications can communicate with each other, and data and images also need to have persistent URIs online for their new website. The museum’s collection management system does not offer a solution for this, so they’re looking to CultURIze for help.

We demonstrated the four steps in the CultURIze workflow and the tool itself, before discussing its practical application for the museum in detail. The next steps are up to M Leuven, although we’re continuing to monitor their use of the tool.

Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool

Cultural organisations encounter digital issues from lots of different angles. These issues can arise as a result of the offering provided or the organisation’s internal processes, or from an audience perspective. And colleagues can come and go, which means certain knowledge and expertise is sometimes difficult to keep hold of or up to date. Tasks relating to the digital aspects of their work therefore need to be shared within the organisation. Is this a situation you recognise?

The Self-Assessment Tool can help organisations to reflect on these issues and discuss them internally. It invites them to form an overall picture of their strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor progress over time.

It’s not a complex tool and doesn’t require any technical knowledge, but you do need a good overview of the digital aspects in your organisation. Our support therefore consists of going through propositions together, being an initial sounding board for the specific challenges facing an organisation, and suggesting possible ways to tackle them.

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