Research and development: new features for pupils

The new Archief voor Onderwijs was launched in September 2020. In addition to freshening up the layout, paying extra attention to user-friendliness and offering personalised inspiration, the educational platform also introduced its student area, which secondary school teachers can use for watching and listening assignments.

With support from VLAIO (the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), we’re investigating how teachers and pupils can turn educational goals into learning competences and digital skills. In doing so, we’re looking at how to take advantage of innovations in education and digitisation in the context of distance learning and blended learning.


Secondary school teachers can give their pupils access to a selection of our content partners’ images and audio in the student area. Alongside watching and listening assignments, we also want to give pupils the possibility to search for audiovisual content which they can then combine into their own collection on the platform. Students will therefore be able to perform search assignments in a shielded environment, with content that’s been specially curated for them by teachers. This enables us to focus on educational objectives and learning competences so pupils can further develop their digital and search skills.

Praktijktesten nieuwe leerlingenruimte, fotograaf: Tim Schelstraete

Pupils can also learn how to combine audiovisual content into a usable whole by selecting excerpts and building a well-conceived collection. These new features give teachers and pupils alike the opportunity to use this unique audiovisual content in targeted assignments in both distance learning and blended learning.


How can teachers and pupils work with these search and build assignments? This is what we’re currently investigating:

  1. We started with a literature study as preliminary research into searching and building skills.

  2. We’re also using an online survey to assess the use of audiovisual content in secondary education classrooms. You will find the results here.

  3. A number of classroom groups will then get started with search or build assignments during practical testing with teachers and pupils.

We’re putting our content partners at the head of the queue with partner updates and an exclusive annual workshop on our educational platform to help develop these new features.

In addition to providing new features on the platform itself, we’re also using this project to improve our support for teachers and pupils. This support will be aimed at using search and build assignments in the classroom, and cover both technical and teaching aspects.


We’re conducting this research with support from VLAIO, the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in the framework of an educational innovation research project.

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