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News in the Classroom

News is everywhere. The classroom is an ideal place to teach teenagers how to evaluate this news with critical confidence and how to be media-wise. Meemoo focuses on this aspect, together with other partners, by taking part in News in the Classroom.

News enters your personal space with the speed of lightning and through a variety of channels. Especially young people are confronted with an incessant and fast flow of news through social media.

With The Archive for Education, meemoo wants to make sure that teachers can incorporate up-to-date news, relevant reportages and image collections regarding topics such as fake news and censorship to their classes. That way, we contribute to the development of well-informed, media-wise students every day. That is why we love to take part in News in the Classroom.

The project started out as ‘Newspapers in the Classroom’ and was transformed into ‘News in the Classroom’ with digital material over the last few years. The brand-new website was launched in the school year 2018-2019. Teachers receive access to a wide range of newspapers and digital media for a whole week. The website will be updated afterwards as well: teachers can find material about ‘the news’ as well as about topical issues. The latter in the form of for example KLAAR-episodes, which can be watched with a single click on The Archive for Education. Other image collections from our educational platform, concerning for example censorship or fake news, are offered on News in the Classroom as well.

And the teachers? They’re thrilled, as they now have “materials that are always fresh and ready to use in the classroom”. More about the assets of News in the Classroom, from the teachers themselves in the clip below (in Dutch).

This wide range of materials is made possible by multiple partners: Mediawijs, Vlaamse Nieuwsmedia, WE MEDIA, Media.21, VRT and meemoo work on this project with support from the Flemish Government.

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