Ten proposals for digitising Flemish photographic collections

28 Mar 2021

There are lots of valuable but vulnerable analogue photographic collections in Flanders. We investigated what role meemoo could have in deploying mass digitisation techniques to preserve and provide access to these collections in the cultural, media and government sectors. We then developed ten proposals to provide an answer to this need.

The first step in the research process for digitising and archiving Flemish photographic collections was our initial field study. Following on from this, we are now proud to present the results from the second research phase, which used our findings from the exploratory phase to investigate the feasibility and prerequisites for digitising and archiving these collections.

We tested our ideas on content partners using focus groups. Besides that, the research project was supervised by a steering group consisting of experts and representatives from our content partners.

We wanted to find possible solutions – based on needs identified in the sector – to improve the preservation of existing photographic materials. We therefore developed ten proposals, including five for digitisation and five for support processes, i.e. to help with identification, selection, quality control, metadata enrichment and rights documentation. We believe that these proposals can safeguard and provide access to valuable photographic materials, and give content partners useful tools that greatly facilitate management processes.

Finally, we also examined what impact this possible expansion of services would have on meemoo’s operations and content partners. You can read about our ten proposals in the final report.

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