Report: phase 2 of our photo research

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In 2019, meemoo started investigating how it might be able to organise a mass digitisation process for analogue photographic collections. This research was carried out with regard to demand in the cultural, media and government sectors.

Following the initial field study, we’re now taking a second step: research into the prerequisites and feasibility for digitisation and archiving. This second phase of the research process has already resulted in ten specific proposals. Five of the proposals are specific digitisation projects for different types of around 8.5 million photos in total. The other five proposals are to provide various kinds of support, including for identification, selection, quality control, metadata enrichment and rights documentation. We gathered the insights in a report.

The ten proposals are as follows:

Proposal 1

Digital identification tool for photographic materials

Proposal 2

Low-resolution digitisation of bulk collections of negatives

Proposal 3

Low-resolution digitisation of bulk collections of slides

Proposal 4

Facilitate selection via automatic image recognition on contact sheets

Proposal 5

High-resolution digitisation for a selection of photographic materials (all types of materials except for albums and glass plates)

Proposal 6

High-resolution digitisation of photo albums

Proposal 7

High-resolution digitisation of glass plates

Proposal 8

Development of an accessible open source tool for digitised image content quality control

Proposal 9

Application of automatic description techniques for metadata enrichment of digital image content

Proposal 10

Integration of the Public Domain Tool for documenting rights status

We gathered all insights in a report, ready to download:

>> Download the report (in Dutch only)
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