Teachers dive into hetarchief.be

30 Jun 2022

Teachers can access our free educational platform, The Archive for Education (link in Dutch), to benefit from a large collection of images and audio for use in the classroom. And we regularly receive requests to add new, specific clips to this platform. Want to find out how hetarchief.be lends a helping hand?

We noticed lots of teachers looking for performing arts sector content to use in the classroom. And we already have a large offering from our content partners at The Archive for Education (in Dutch) that they could benefit from. Our Kunstig Kijken (‘Looking Artistic’) project, for example, which we organised together with VIVES University College, provided primary school teachers with a wide range of good-quality audiovisual content from the museum and performing arts sector to help teach music. Much of this archival content still isn’t included in our educational image database, however, but fortunately we have the hetarchief.be accessibility platform to come to the rescue.

Thanks to hetarchief.be, teachers can search more than a million descriptions of audiovisual clips stored in the meemoo archive system. If they’re interested in using a specific clip in their lessons, they can request for it to published in The Archive for Education, so we can ensure they keep benefiting from valuable treasures from cultural organisations, theatre groups and dance companies, among others, in the classroom. We created a step-by-step plan to help teachers learn how to search for, find and request clips at hetarchief.be. To get started with this yourself, find the step-by-step plan here (link in Dutch).

In beeld: 'scène uit theaterproductie', foto door Frank R. Snyder, Miami University Libraries, publiek domein

Curious about are performing arts partners at hetarchief.be? We’re happy to list them for you here:

A Two Dogs Company, antigone, Theater STAP, Beeldsmederij De Maan, CAMPO, Comp.Marius, hetpaleis, Theater Malpertuis, Kopergietery, ROSAS, Ontroerend Goed, Damaged Goods, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, kunstenfestivaldesarts, DE HOE, Toneelhuis, de Roovers, Sering, Ultima Vez, KUNST/WERK, wpZimmer, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Compagnie Cecilia, MartHa!tentatief, Cie Tartaren, Eastman, needcompany, NTGent, hetgevolg, Theater aan Zee, Les ballets C de la B, KAAP, fABULEUS, KVS, Zomer van Antwerpen, Arsenaal, Muziektheater transparant, Tutti Fratelli, ROBIN, LOD muziektheater, WALPURGIS, het nieuwstedelijk, Voetvolk, STAN, Theater zuidpool RVT, deSingel, Theater De Spiegel, Great Investment en Villanella.

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