Milestone: 500,000th carrier converted to sustainable digital format

15 Dec 2020

4 December 2013 was a historical day for meemoo: the day we started migrating the first audiovisual carriers. Since then, we’ve converted over 500,000 carriers into files in our mass storage infrastructure, which we call ‘digitisation’ for short.

The fact that this process hasn’t always been exactly what we term ‘digitisation’ is because in recent years we’ve also handled carriers with a digital signal or which are even digital files already. These half million carriers – from 44 different carrier types – contain audio, video and film, and are stored in our ever-expanding archive system. The average length of these files is around an hour.

It’s difficult to put an exact figure on how many carriers will we ultimately convert, but we already have roughly 650,000 registered with us. Content partners often acquire new content, and no deadline has yet been set for digitising film, for example, but we’re already looking forward to converting a further half million.

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