Meemoo is partner in three new funded cultural heritage projects

21 Feb 2021

At the start of February, Flemish Minister for Culture Jan Jambon awarded grants to 13 cultural heritage projects, worth over €1 million in total. Meemoo is involved in three of these exciting projects, all starting in the first half of 2021.


The two-year project FAME, which meemoo is coordinating, is all about facial recognition and will devise best practices for identifying people on photos and videos. We’re developing three pilot projects around three types of (public) figures: performance artists, cyclists, and politicians and activists. The project will also research how existing metadata can be used to improve facial recognition accuracy. The first phase of FAME was awarded a grant of €96,000.


Private law archives often consist of heterogeneous and poorly organised content. At the same time, current preservation systems are usually designed for homogeneous wholes of digital files. The Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi), which is coordinating the project, therefore wanted to research the feasibility of a preservation system for creating and storing E-ARK containers with SCALA. These containers are designed to store born-digital content from private law archives. The focus here is on a generic archive container that is not reliant on a particular supplier or software. The two-year SCALA project has received a grant of €120,000.

New Tidings (Nieuwe Tijdingen)

This three-year project – New Tidings: National programme for preserving Flemish newspaper heritage (Nieuwe Tijdingen: Landelijk programma voor het behoud van het Vlaamse krantenerfgoed) – is working towards a collective mass digitisation programme for historical newspapers in Flemish heritage collections that are at risk of being lost. Flanders Heritage Library is running this project together with 45 institutions involved in preserving this heritage. As well as digitising newspapers, it will also ensure they are preserved digitally in a sustainable way and made available for online consultation. Over the space of three years , we’ll be developing a detailed blueprint for the national newspaper programme, creating the necessary infrastructure and devising a properly functioning mass digitisation process. The rescue programme will then be able to move forward at full speed from 2024. A grant of €90,000 has been awarded for the first phase of this project.

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meemoo (project coordinator), ADVN, Archief van het Vlaams Parlement, KOERS. Museum van de Wielersport, Kunstenpunt and IDLab-UGent


Vlaamse Architectuurinstituut (project coordinator), ADVN, Amsab-ISG, AMVB, AVG-Carhif, CAVA, Letterenhuis, Archiefbank Vlaanderen

New Tidings

Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken (project coordinator), meemoo (main partner), 45 partner organisations (expertise partners and collection managing institutions)

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