Images and audio on the new Huis van Alijn website

2 Jan 2020

Last November, content partner Huis van Alijn launched its brand-new website. Visitors can go there to find information about the museum, as well as browse through some of the museum’s wealth of audiovisual content about daily life – sounds and images that are stored in the meemoo archive system.

Our archive infrastructure is set up in such a way that content partners can share sounds and images with their audience using a standard protocol (OAI PMH) in the meemoo archive system. Partners can build on our existing infrastructure so we don’t always need to start from scratch when making content available on their platforms – a solution that works for everyone.

Two organisations under one roof

The Huis van Alijn Museum shares its digital infrastructure and strategy with the Museum of Industry. In September 2018, together with a new name, they also launched a new website which is directly linked to the meemoo archive system. Both organisations’ websites are built using the same architecture, so knowledge and data can be exchanged and re-used optimally.

But because the two organisations attract different audiences, the Huis van Alijn website differs slightly from the Museum of Industry’s – the Huis van Alijn focuses more on the story behind the objects and makes an extra effort with its offline and online services, with special attention paid to searchability and user experience.

Digital collection: influx and accessibility

The short films and audio clips that Huis van Alijn stores in our archive system weren’t just acquired via digitisation; we’ve also been receiving born-digital content for sustainable preservation in a pilot project since 2016. The fact that this digital content can now be made available again from the meemoo archive system completes the circle.

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