Heritage Day makes school

28 Apr 2022

Sunday 24 April was Heritage Day: the highlight of the year for cultural heritage in Flanders. And this year the party was extended: we celebrated ‘Heritage Week’ from 25 until 29 April. The theme was our rich school life and history, and we were only too happy to use our platforms to help play our part.

We launched new collections crammed full of our content partners’ audiovisual heritage on The Archive for Education for the occasion. With artinflanders.be, we provided some wonderful images for FARO’s digital tear-off calendar, and we showcased some remarkable school heritage on the hetarchief.be Facebook page.

New heritage collections on The Archive for Education in collaboration with FARO

Especially with our educational platform, there was no way we could let a theme such as school heritage simply pass us by – so we teamed up with FARO, the driving force behind Heritage Day. Teachers can now find eight topical heritage collections with audio and video content on The Archive for Education, specially created for the occasion. These short films and audio clips can be used widely in lessons. Our aim is to put heritage under the spotlight in the classroom and encourage pupils to cherish the heritage around them.

The collections have been put together by Eva Begine (a teacher seconded to FARO) with materials provided by our content partners. The themes of school heritage, heritage in your neighbourhood and heritage in professions are on offer for primary education. And the collections for secondary education focus on the topics of citizenship, historical awareness, ‘Everyone heritages’, Dutch and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

School heritage from our content partners on hetarchief.be

Our content partners’ collections are bursting with heritage. In addition to The Archive for Education (aimed at teachers and secondary school pupils), everyone is free to find information about our content partners’ videos and audio clips at hetarchief.be (link in Dutch). In honour of Heritage Day, we even delved into the online inventory ourselves, looking for historical images and audio about education. We’re already giving you a hint of what’s there in this article, and you can find out even more on the hetarchief.be Facebook page.

The school conflict

Relations between Catholic and secular education were on edge in the 1950s. You can find lots of memories about this second school conflict in the descriptions on hetarchief.be. For example, several audio clips from content partner AMSAB Institute for Social History’s collection testify how the social-liberal government curbed the powers held by Catholic educational institutions.

Educational debate in the Flemish Parliament

If you’re curious to find out how our education of today came about, have a look at the images from our content partner, the Flemish Parliament, on hetarchief.be. You can use the image descriptions to reconstruct policies and educational innovations of recent years.

The classroom of yesteryear

To get a taste of the school atmosphere of years gone by, browse through the archive materials from our content partner VRT. We share information about reports from the good old days until now on hetarchief.be: from nuns in the classroom to gymnastics in vintage outfits. Nostalgia guaranteed!

In beeld: 'Twee kinderen in het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Jac. de Nijs/Anefo, 1961, CC0

Tip: wil je een bepaald fragment graag bekijken of beluisteren, dan kan je het aanvragen bij onze contentpartners via hetarchief.be.

Digital tear-off calendar with image content from artinflanders.be

For Heritage Day, FARO produced the eye-catching digital tear-off calendar, Erfgoed: steengoed! Primary school teachers can use this to give children a playful and accessible taste of cultural heritage. Together with artinflanders.be, we provided some of the images from collections from KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp), Musea Brugge, Ten Duinen Abbey Museum and the Bakkerijmuseum (Bakery Museum) in Veurne, among others.

Want to see the whole calendar? Check it out here (link in Dutch). Enter ‘steengoed’ as the password.

By the way, did you know that we showcase heritage all year round with artinflanders.be? You can discover thousands of unique heritage objects from numerous Flemish collections there, right from your computer.

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