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10 May 2022

The heritage sector currently uses Erfgoedplus and Erfgoedinzicht to register and manage heritage collections, but we’re switching to two new systems by the end of 2024. To determine what features to include in the future heritage databases, we’ll soon be organising a number of focus groups and sounding board meetings. This will allow existing users – and the broader heritage sector as a whole – to share ideas, requirements and experiences. We’re also launching a project-specific newsletter for anyone who wants to stay informed.

The proposal for the Flemish heritage databases was approved last year. Now the project can really get going, and we want to involve the wider heritage sector in this as much as possible. We are therefore organising the first focus groups and sounding board meetings in May and June. The outcomes from these meetings will help us to help determine what features to include in the future heritage databases.

Are you a user of one of the existing systems, or a service provider, specialist collection manager or registrar? Then make sure your opinion is heard in one of the focus groups. You can choose for yourself which issues you most want to get started with: basic registration, detailed registration, image management, library records, archive records, aggregation, collection window on your own website, or the use of open data. The places per session are limited, so don’t hesitate to register.

In beeld: Discussie tussen uitgevers en schrijvers over boekenmarktboycot van schrijvers in RAI, Amsterdam, 1970, foto door Bert Verhoeff / Anefo, CC0

We want a broad representation from the heritage sector in the sounding board group, which is therefore open to anyone in this sector who wants to help think about the project content and provide feedback. We will regularly consult with this group during the course of the project. The first three sounding board meetings, where we will bring the output from the focus groups to the table, will take place in June.

Would you like to help shape the future heritage databases?

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