Helping content partners use their archived content

Together, we want to bring the past back to life. That is why, together with our content partners, we make sure that material is accessible, usable and used. Digitisation and the sustainable preservation of digital collections means we can provide this access.

We ensure our content partners have the right tools not just to manage their content, but also to make it accessible. We provide them with training to teach them all about our archive system, so they can easily find the content they’re looking for and download it for their own use. This means broadcasters, for example, can search for image content in the meemoo archive system and immediately re-use the digital collections they have stored with us.

We collect all this information for our content partners on our partner portal.

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Making content accessible via our content partner websites

Content partners can make content that’s archived with meemoo available on their own platforms. By building in an integration based on meemoo APIs – applications that can be queried by other websites – they can take a copy of their files and retrieve the associated metadata from the meemoo archive system. Changes can then be implemented automatically.

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If you visit the Museum of Industry or House of Alijn Museum websites (photo), for example, you can watch videos there that come straight from the meemoo archive system. Once we’ve set up a connection like this – with the meemoo API together with our partner – neither we nor our partner need to perform any manual interventions.


>> Are you a content partner with a question about using the API? Then please let us know via your account manager.

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