Culture in the Mirror

Culture in the Mirror is a cultural theory by Dutch cognitive scientist Barend van Heusden. The theory explains what culture is, which cultural skills people have, and why education must help to develop these cultural skills.

CANON Cultuurcel researches and implements the theory in education practice in Belgium, through the Department of Education and Training.

The key concept within Culture in the Mirror is cultural awareness. Reflecting on culture ensures that you think about your own culture as well as others’ cultures. You can encourage this reflection in lessons through video clips and audio fragments, such as the material on The Archive for Education.

In 2016 and 2017, a number of tools have been developed in cooperation with CANON Cultuurcel to help teachers reflect on culture with their pupils on the basis of archive material. These tools, such as an interactive video and a number of inspiring collections, are collected on the Culture in the Mirror project page on The Archive for Education platform. Parts of this page are publicly accessible.

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