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Together with our partners, we digitise and archive audiovisual content – but making this content easy to find is often a challenge. Fortunately, offers a solution for anyone who wants to see exactly what content we have in the meemoo archive system, and which partner is responsible for managing it.

Meemoo’s content partners have a wealth of videos and audio recordings that a wide audience would find interesting but which cannot be published online because of copyright or other usage restrictions.

The majority of the content’s metadata – the information that describes the content – can however be made available online.

You can therefore look up details such as titles, descriptions, dates and technical information such as unique identifiers, and find out who’s responsible for managing these images or audio, in

This platform makes it easier to search in a targeted way, so anyone can gain an insight into over a million of the audiovisual gems that Flanders is blessed with.

More than a hundred partners and a million items on one platform

One of the main advantages of is its central search function. You can explore descriptions of audiovisual gems from national and regional broadcasters, performing arts organisations, museums, archives, several universities and government institutions.

There’s information about content stored in the meemoo archive system from over 100 partners in total, so you can find out exactly what’s being managed by which partner from a single, central location.

Even though you can’t actually see the images or listen to the audio, the first people to use the platform were extremely enthusiastic about the diversity of audiovisual content that's been made searchable in this way for the first time. ‘ is a win-win situation for everyone. If you work with archived content, it’s inevitable that you need to do lots of searching anyway, and makes it all much more efficient,’ says one researcher and film maker. Once a user has found the content they’re looking for, they can contact the content partner who is responsible for managing it directly.

Metadata is a doing word

Good metadata is the key to unlocking our audiovisual culture. You won’t find any of the content you’re looking for in a digital archive if you can’t see any descriptions. Moving forward, we therefore want to keep focussing on the quality of this metadata – to make searching simpler and even more efficient in future.

> Discover how meemoo is focussing on metadata creation and storage

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