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The Flemish performing arts sector is internationally renowned for its artistic quality and great diversity of performers, institutions and production companies.

It is teeming with fascinating stories, and we can find proof of this in our archive system: lots of performing arts organisations are meemoo content partners that have digitised their audiovisual content. Together with CEMPER (Centre for Music and Performing Arts Heritage) and Kunstenpunt (Flanders Arts Institute), we were eager to start working with this rich content. Enter: StageTube.


It seems a simple enough concept: we delve into the archive together with a performing arts expert to look for the perfect images to develop and give substance to a story. But we encountered all sorts of challenges on the way, such as how to clarify all the rights, how to find our way through the extensive archive system, and how to combine everything in a story so it appeals to a wide audience.

Image © NTGent


With StageTube, we’re looking at how to provide access to curated content. The project partners choose a theme, and we combine an expert on this theme with an editor who interprets the content to appeal to a wide audience.

The first story takes a close look at technical stage craftsmanship in Flanders. Read more (link in Dutch) to find out how we went about meeting the challenges in this project and the lessons we learned about selecting archive content, our collaboration and clarifying rights.

We’ve chosen to add this story to our website, and you can do the same. Use full screen display for an optimal experience, and go to the end of the story to see a list of the archive content we used and discover where you can find it at and on YouTube.

In the meantime, let yourself be amazed by the innovative and inventive stage technicians in this StageTube pilot.

Our role

Meemoo has lots of Flemish performing arts organisations as content partners. Alongside the Belgian public service broadcaster VRT, they provide a wealth of Flemish performing arts audiovisual content which finds its way into the meemoo archive system. We help with the secure storage of this content and aim, together with our partners, to make it accessible and usable wherever possible. We want to tell captivating stories with the audio and images that they entrust to us. In this project, that means helping our project partners to select archive content in Catalogus Pro and sharing our expertise on clarifying rights.


CEMPER (Centre for Music and Performing Arts Heritage) and Kunstenpunt (Flanders Arts Institute).

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