Your screen, a window to the world?

27 Oct 2020

The annual highlight of our year has arrived: on 27 October we celebrate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. This year’s theme is ‘a window to the world’, which seems highly appropriate at a time when we’ve largely had to experience the world through our screens and the audiovisual content we’ve been able to consume.

Lots of partners have shared images and audio from their audiovisual archives over recent months. For example, you’ve been able to watch and listen to performances by Rosas dance company and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen (only available in Dutch) through your digital window.

You can also find audiovisual content alongside wonderful photographic collections – all stored in meemoo’s archive – on the House of Alijn Museum website. What do you think of this short video showing a mother taking her son to Sint-Lievenscollege primary school in Ghent, for instance? Discover more videos here.

VRT – the national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium – is celebrating too. Let them know which radio clip from their archive (only available in Dutch) you want to hear again – and maybe presenter Vincent Byloo will choose to play it for you?

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