We’ve moved!

7 Jul 2021

On 6 July, we swapped our place on Kleindokkaai for a new home just across the water. You can now find us at Ham 175 in Ghent, still within walking distance from Station Dampoort.

Last week, we moved all our belongings and operations. Our office had become quite cramped since the merger, but fortunately we’d been able to rent additional office space next door as a temporary solution. Unfortunately, however, this extra space has now also disappeared, so we had to look for a new place – and we found Ham 175! There’s room for all our meemoo colleagues here, with plenty of space for meetings too. This means we can welcome our partners with open arms again, when restrictions allow, and organise workshops and training sessions to our heart’s content.

Looking for the most efficient route? We’ve drawn up directions for you, supplemented with some useful tips for people travelling by car.

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