We’re now called meemoo, Flemish Institute for Archives

11 Feb 2020

We’ve been looking forward to sharing this news with you. Following the integration of VIAA, PACKED and Lukas in 2019, we’ll now continue to help you further under our new shared name: meemoo, Flemish institute for Archives.

Flemish Institute for Archives means we support cultural, media and government organisations in everything to do with their digital archives. This can be help with specific services such as digitisation or archiving, or providing the expertise they need to set up digital processes and launch new projects. Over the coming years, we’ll be working as one team to achieve our collective mission: together with our partners, we bring the past back to life and prepare it for the future. We safeguard it digitally, and then make it accessible and usable.

You can already reach us via info@meemoo.be. Our employees’ personal email addresses are also changing to @meemoo.be. We’ll of course continue to reply to questions sent to our old email addresses in the meantime, and you can stay informed on this website.