Report: a guide to helpdesk requests

29 Nov 2021

One of our core services is consultancy, which we provide in training courses, via tools and in all kinds of advisory groups – and by answering helpdesk requests. As a reminder of what a helpdesk request is, and to find out more about where they come from and how we respond to them, we’ve compiled the most interesting insights from 2020 into a comprehensive report.

We receive more and more helpdesk requests in our virtual letterbox every year. In 2020, we counted almost 300 requests for advice from more than different 150 people and organisations – a new record! We now want to share the valuable lessons we’ve learned with the outside world, and have therefore drawn up a report to explain the entire helpdesk request journey: from definition to specific practical example.

As a small organisation, we don’t have extensive digital expertise in-house, so the support and advice we received from meemoo was essential in ensuring the success of our large digitisation project

- Mijn-Erfgoed and Mijnmuseum

Photo: Radio Licence Office Helsinki, the 1930s, Archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, public domain

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