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Registration and searchability of the VRT film collection

VRT is the only Flemish broadcaster that made television programmes on film. That way, during the period from 1953 to 1990, the public broadcaster built a collection of no less than 53.221 film and film soundtrack bobbins.

What's already happened?

Together with VRT, meemoo launched a registration project that identifies the VRT collection thoroughly, in a way that corresponds with the method used by CINEMATEK for film from the cultural heritage sector. Relatively speaking, the damage that vinegar syndrome caused to the VRT film collection is limited. However, in absolute terms it should not be underestimated. These films are therefore dealt with urgently as part of meemoo’s digitisation projects.

The registration comprises a technical and content part. In the mean time, the technical registration of the film collection has been completed. During this process, the most important technical characteristics of each film object were registered in a database. In addition, the spools were marked with a barcode and the image and audio spools were separated. For the first time, there exists a complete overview of this impressive collection.

Next steps

Now it's time to register all the content. As is the case for films from the cultural heritage sector, the content of the films is important in the selection for digitisation here as well. VRT has a scanned index card database for its film collection. Considering the period in which it was developed, the database is now obsolete and difficult to search automatically. Together with meemoo, VRT is working on a fundamental update on behalf of conservation, digitisation and reuse.

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